Porcelain ceramics

Porcelain is a very high-quality type of ceramics and tiles, that’s why it can be produced in large sizes. Porcelain is very dense, impenetrable and has fine and smooth grains.

Specifications of this product:
• Water impermeability
• High chemical resistance
• Anti-stain properties
• High abrasion resistance
• Hard scratch resistant surface
• High diversity
• Fire resistance

Glass ceramics

Glass ceramic is a type of ceramic that first solidifies during the process and then becomes like glass. This product has very low porosity and is resistant to staining. These ceramics are a good alternative to granite and marble stones. Glass ceramic are made by firing very fine minerals, as clay and silica at high temperatures.

Quartz Ceramic

Crushed stones are collected and glued together to produce this type of ceramic. It is referred to as engineered marble If marble is utilized in the process of making this product. Such marbles are utilized for the interior floors and walls, but Quartz marbles are mostly utilized for kitchen cabinets.

Quarry ceramics or mosaic

They are produced by extruding clay or shale. Traditional quarry mosaics are red, gray and unglazed. Quarry unglazed mosaic is highly slip-resistant.